This country is hell on Earth for women. We are living with monsters disguised as human beings. I wonder what we have done to deserve to live with people who rape, kidnap and kill women and children.

We were told 2018 would be the turning point in the fight against gender-based violence in this country, with several campaigns dedicated to fighting this demon. But it seems we have taken two steps forward and five steps back. There is still so much that needs to be done to win this war.

And the fight must include more men. Men must understand that they are part of the solution. We can’t build a united, non-sexist and safe society if women are not safe. They must be free to walk anywhere, any time, without looking over their shoulders.

We owe it to the current and future generations to win the fight against gender-based violence. We must all speak with one voice and say enough is enough, down with gender-based violence, down! The time for action is now.

Tom Mhlanga