Narendra Modi. Picture: AFP PHOTO
Narendra Modi. Picture: AFP PHOTO

Ag shame, Sydney Kaye is aggrieved that India is not likely to be elevated to the same skunk status as Israel as a result of its illegal annexation of Kashmir (Will India cop same flak as Israel?, August 12).

Rather than unnecessarily whining about this, I suggest he and his fellow Zionists celebrate the vile commonalities between Israel and India. Consider, for example, that both Israel and India are led by hyper-nationalist right-wing governments, both have shown no compunction about denying the right of self-determination to Palestinians/Kashmiris, both have made no secret of their intention to convert an illegal occupation into an annexation, and both use brutal force against demonstrators who oppose occupation — Israel creates amputees and India blinds them with pellets. And both offer impunity to their killing machines.

Furthermore, with its illegal annexation, India will now follow Israel in a land grab and demographic engineering. Kaye need not concern himself with international reaction to this annexation, he should rather focus on the opportunity to welcome another apartheid state to the fold.

Gunvant Govindjee