Narendra Modi. Picture: REUTERS
Narendra Modi. Picture: REUTERS

Leaders who win elections despite predictions to the contrary are encouraged to tamper with existing laws to change the status quo.

In India, the BJP’s first electoral win resulted in members of its right-wing arm, the RSS, starting to agitate for a Hindu state, undermining the democratic rights of its many minority groups.

The consequent repeal of a statute granting autonomy to the contested state of Jammu and Kashmir is likely to result in taking away many of the freedoms the country has enjoyed.

The BJP’s second electoral win, with a landslide victory, has given greater muscle to party leader Narendra Modi, enabling him to pursue policies all previous governments — mainly the dynastic Congress party — have never even attempted.

Coupled with the Kashmiri clampdown, the open hate campaign against Muslims is a sure sign of a government that has openly defied world leaders in its hardline approach, making a mockery of India’s claim to the title of world’s largest democracy.

AR Modak