Picture: 123RF / SHAO-CHUN WANG
Picture: 123RF / SHAO-CHUN WANG

At Pretoria Girls’ High School there was a recent incident involving a scholar with an Afro hairstyle.

Panyaza Lesufi, then in charge of provincial education, castigated teachers and ordered a costly taxpayer-funded investigation. Graduate teachers were made to undergo diversity training. The aspirant hairstylist pupil received trauma counselling.

On August 8 (ironically, mere hours before Women’s Day) there was a media report of the rape of a scholar at Thuto Lesedi School. The raped schoolgirl stated: “He slammed me against the wall and I hit the wall with the back of my head.” She was roughed up and raped by two matric pupils. 

There were witnesses to the rape and “a rape confession ... took place on the school’s premises … during a meeting with the (raped girl’s) family, the accused rapists’ families and school officials”.  Yet criminal charges were “opened and dropped …because one of the alleged rapists has high-ranking police officers in his family”.

Unlike the aspirant hairstylist scholar, the raped schoolgirl received no trauma counselling. No more need be said.  Hypocrisy is its own eloquent orator.

Alec Wainwright
Via e-mail