Israel flag. Picture: THINKSTOCK
Israel flag. Picture: THINKSTOCK

AR Modak thinks Kashmir is becoming “another Palestine”, so it will  be interesting to see how the world responds (Kashmir will Become Another Palestine, August 7).

Will the UN human rights committee include a resolution against India at every meeting? Will BDS [the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign] take aim at India? Will SA withdraw its ambassador from India?

Will the University of Cape Town and other universities ban speakers from India? Will the British Labour party target British Hindu citizens?

Will young US congresswomen build their reputations by attacking India? Will hatred of India be part and parcel of the woke “right-thinking” world view?

I think not, because there is one major difference between India and Israel. Israelis are Jews and Indians are not; hence the absence of antisemitism.

Sydney Kaye
Cape Town