ANC supporters. Picture: REUTERS
ANC supporters. Picture: REUTERS

DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s call for the ANC to split should be heeded and supported by South Africans at large. The cracks within the governing party have indeed become chasms.

In fact, irrespective of party or personal political ambitions, ANC leadership structures in particular should themselves precipitate the final fracture of this outdated, paralysed, divided and morally bankrupt movement.

It is all very well for them to continue their self-destructive, backstabbing, deplorable internal forays against one another, but it is another thing entirely when these take priority over affairs of state and threaten the country’s very survival.

A continuation of the status quo and the inability of the ANC to confront and manage our social and economic crises will inevitably result in them leaving a legacy of poverty, social degradation and dismal failure. A sad indictment on a movement that courageously fought apartheid and founded SA’s hard-won democracy.

SA needs a new governing party or movement that urgently addresses the nation’s problems and functions competently and confidently in implementing solutions to deal with the mess the country finds itself in.

There are plenty of people in the ANC and in opposition parties who, together with business and civil society, could form a new political centre with courage and conviction and provide new momentum to the task of reviving our people’s well-being.

It seems as if we are heading towards an IMF bailout, but there will be conditions, and the impotent ANC will not willingly accept these or comply with them. They would rather sink than swim, and take us all down with them. This must not be allowed to happen.

Certainly, the country requires a massive injection of fresh financial capital, but it also requires a monumental dose of fresh human capital to take over its governance, as well as genuine political leadership and competent management of that capital.

David Gant