Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS
Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

With the latest leaking of the CR17 e-mails it has become apparent that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s efforts to renew and unite the ANC and country are being sabotaged by known forces.

What we know of Jacob Zuma, first, is that he is uneducated, which is why the economy is still bleeding from nine wasted years. Second, he is morally and ethically challenged as a leader and as an individual. Third, we know that by accusing his cadres of spying for the apartheid government when the ANC is fighting opposition attempts to dislodge it from power he lacks discipline as a trained guerrilla of the movement.

What Zuma is doing is sabotaging Ramaphosa’s leadership. He is co-ordinating a sophisticated fightback campaign using a strategic office in the ANC. He brazenly questions a Nasrec conference resolution on state capture without the office of the secretary-general calling him to order. With the help of the DA and EFF, his fightback campaign presents the public protector as a victim of Ramaphosa, when the judiciary has exposed the public protector’s incompetence.

The objective pursued by these known forces is to make the country ungovernable and thereby sabotage Ramaphosa’s economic reforms. The co-ordinated campaign championed by Zuma is similar to the one he led against former president Thabo Mbeki, whom he succeeded in dislodging as ANC president and president of the country.

South Africans please wake up, the fight is on!      

Lazola Vabaza
Via e-mail