Picture: THE TIMES
Picture: THE TIMES

One wonders what President Cyril Ramaphosa is going to say in his same-old nothing address (Sona)? If I were in his shoes, I’d call in sick, because the infighting in ANC ranks is still raging. Or has he not noticed?

The question the nation is asking is: when is the ANC going to govern? When is it going to concentrate on policies benefiting the strugglers, instead of playing personal power games? This disgusting and sorry state of affairs is not what voters wanted.

Even the “practice round” for new parliamentarians — to enable them to learn to govern properly — ended in verbal and physical abuse. These are street fighters, not honourable members.

How is Ramaphosa going to explain away the presence of Ace Magashule and his cronies in what he keeps referring to as a clean government?

New dawn? When is it going to break through the grey cloud of crime, corruption and incompetence? I can’t wait to see how Ramaphosa wriggles out of this one.

Cliff Buchler