Despite the passing of the UIF Amendment Act in November 2017 and the Labour Laws Amendment Act in August 2018, government has done little so far to ensure these amendments and benefits to employees become operative.

On April 1 this year, UIF benefits were increased to 12 months when employees lose their jobs, and mothers who have a still birth or miscarriage in the third trimester are now entitled to be paid on exactly the same basis as maternity leave.

However, the 10 days’ paid parental leave when a child is born, or 10 weeks’ paid adoption leave when legally adopting a child two years or younger, is still not operative. The labour department says it will come into effect in August.  So although the president signed the measure into law in December last year, the department is only now getting its act together.

There are many other changes that will be beneficial to employees, and it appears that these will likewise only become operative in August.

Michael Bagraim
MP, DA labour spokesperson