Zamani Saul. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Zamani Saul. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

The wave of former cabinet ministers resigning from parliament is a clear indication that we are led by greedy individuals who care only about themselves. We need more leaders like new Northern Cape premier Zamani Saul. This is a leader who understands that leadership is about serving the people selflessly, not some form of a cult driven by personal glory.

Saul has refused blue lights and red carpets for himself and his executive. Some will label him a populist and demagogue because they don’t agree with how he plans to do things. To them a position of authority is a step up the economic ladder. Once they are no longer in executive positions of authority, they must resign rather than continue in a lesser position they consider a demotion whereby they will lose perks and pension benefits.

It is difficult to identify these kind of people because they sing from the correct script when they are campaigning and all seem genuine — until they show their true colours after the appointment of the new executive. Then again, we don’t need them, we need people who are serious about serving the people. Leaders of Dr Saul’s calibre.

Tom Mhlanga