An Israeli soldier places a flag near the Golan Heights. Picture: REUTERS
An Israeli soldier places a flag near the Golan Heights. Picture: REUTERS

The ANC takes sides with the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel. Its partisan approach to an intractable problem excludes it from any meaningful role in diplomacy and problem-solving.

It still fancies itself as a revolutionary movement and offers comfort and friendship to the world’s worst: Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Hamas and Fatah (the despotic Palestinian leadership), among other totalitarian dictatorships and terrorist organisations. Its latest friend is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a fringe group whose raison d’être is to harm Israel, not help the Palestinians.

The ANC thumbs its nose at Western democracies that embrace Israel: almost to the day when the German parliament passed landmark legislation condemning the BDS movement as inherently antisemitic, the ANC published a statement applauding itself for downgrading SA’s relations with Israel in the name of all South Africans.

The most important states and cities in the US have legislated against BDS, recognising and sanctioning its inherent evil. Most democratic governments abhor its Nazi-era policies and other European states will follow the German lead.

Remember the incident when its thuggish supporters shoved severed pig heads in Woolworths’s kosher refrigerators to protest against Israeli food products? Always siding with the worst and thumbing its nose at the best is a disgrace consistent with the ANC’s corrupt excesses. It takes instruction from BDS and its hardcore bigots at the expense of our foreign relations and the best interests of this country.

The ANC has no claim to speak for all South Africans by propagating policies that discriminate against the Jewish state and offend our constitution.

David N Polovin
Via e-mail