The flow of information on how I can save the planet has become a flood.

Every day I’m bombarded on how to be greener and use less energy and plastic. The ice caps are melting and coastal cities are at risk. Animal species are disappearing at an alarming rate, while mass migrations of homo sapiens are under way in Central America and Africa.

However, there is a statistic in all this disaster that doesn’t seem to get much attention. When I was a kid in the 1950s there were 2.5-billion people of this earth. By the time I die there will be 9-billion.

How do we supply food, water, education and employment for all these people? Is it politically incorrect to ask why some cultures think it perfectly normal to have large families without a second thought as to how they will be provided?

Many countries are struggling with this problem. If we can’t fix it there’s not much point in trying to fix anything else. Perhaps some of your readers have the answer.

Bernard Benson