Cyril Ramaphosa has a long to-do list. Picture: AFP/WIKUS DE WET
Cyril Ramaphosa has a long to-do list. Picture: AFP/WIKUS DE WET

When Cyril Ramaphosa is elected president by parliament, I hope at that time Mmusi Maimane offers him an olive branch with certain conditions, namely that the DA will work closely with him to get the SA economy growing on condition that:

• Ramaphosa cuts the loony left-wing radicals in the ANC loose; lets them side with the EFF or discounts their ideas 100%. That he doesn’t give them the time of day until they have learnt some basic common sense and realise that nothing in life is for free.

• Ramaphosa cuts his Cabinet to 24 ministers or less.

• Ramaphosa cuts loose every ANC minister or MP who is implicated in any corruption; the DA must have a list of these miscreants. These MPs must know that they are going to be properly investigated and should be told to resign or at least be suspended from parliament until cleared, if implicated in wrongdoing, not the other way around; the name “honourable” should mean something in parliament — people suspected of stealing or corruption are not honourable!         

• Ramaphosa gets bold when dealing with union federation Cosatu and the SACP and lets them know that labour regulations need to be relaxed to get investment into the economy and hiring people dramatically increased.

These actions may reduce the number of ANC MPs in parliament who will support the president to restart the SA economy. With a commitment from Ramaphosa to take urgent action on these items with deadlines, Maimane needs to assure Ramaphosa of the DA’s support and votes in parliament to get things done.

The time has come for liberation rhetoric to be cast into the bin of history and the serious business of governing and creating the environment for the huge investment required to absorb the massive number of unemployed people, created.

A re-alignment of SA politics is needed. The loonies who cannot understand the maths have a home in the EFF; the crooks and corrupt belong in jail; Cosatu and the SACP should form a Labour Party; and the remnants of the ANC, retaining their brand for the moment, should look for fresh ideas from the opposition given that what the ANC has been doing for 25 years has not worked, but what the DA has done in the Western Cape has worked.

If Ramaphosa does not do this, the SA economy will not grow and is doomed; it will probably shrink with more unskilled and under-educated youth joining the ranks of the unemployed each year, at least by 1-million 18-year-olds each year. [Otherwise], when Ramaphosa faces his re-election at the ANC elective conference in three years, he will lose to the likes of Ace Magashule and David Mabuza and then it is all over for SA.

Ramaphosa needs to be bold now and Maimane needs to be humble to make the offer and be open to some form of coalition if these bold moves by Ramaphosa weaken him within the ANC and parliament.

Paul du Toit
Via e-mail