Enoch Godongwana: Picture: GALLO IMAGES
Enoch Godongwana: Picture: GALLO IMAGES

I was highly amused by Enoch Godongwana’s article, but have to hand it to him: he is a good spin doctor for the ANC.

The term spin doctor comes from the technique of putting a different interpretation or slant on a situation or event to promote your own agenda or argument. For instance, he states that Moody’s Investors Service maintained our sovereign credit rating at investment grade and attributes this to the reforms introduced by President Cyril Ramaphosa since taking office. My take on it is that Moody’s has deferred a decision on our credit rating until after the elections to see if the promised structural reforms touted by all and sundry will be implemented.

One paragraph in particular illustrates the writer’s expertise in this field: “Our government, led by the ANC, has put SA firmly on the road to recovery by presenting clear plans that have already begun to achieve results.”

Yet I have not heard of any clear plans, only election-speak. Meanwhile, our predicted rate of GDP growth for 2019 has just been downgraded.

He says “tangible projects are being kick started”, yet a lack of infrastructure spend is sending numerous companies into business rescue or bankruptcy. “The reform of our SOEs is underway” — meanwhile the government has called for rescue plans while at the same time prohibiting any retrenchments in these overstaffed entities.

“Critical infrastructure is being upgraded” I presume relates primarily to Eskom, which is dependent on the government bailouts just to be able to service debt and pay salaries. And then there was: “Corruption is being decisively dealt with through various commissions of inquiry.”

Ah yes, the ANC’s favourite, commissions of inquiry. The only way to deal with corruption is to charge the fraudsters and imprison those found guilty. That will send a clear message to the crooks. We wait with bated breath for this to happen.

Johann Kruger