Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

The case of the child who was raped and murdered in Ncakini, Mbombela municipality, indicates that we are not doing enough to curb the scourge of the gender-based violence in communities.

It unimaginable that a 17-year-old boy could do such a horrible thing to a classmate and friend.

It is beyond me that he could smile and show no remorse throughout the interrogation. This is a young man who was part of the group who went out to look for the missing child with members of the community and his parents, knowing very well that he was the guilty one.

It also disappointing to learn that both the victim and the perpetrator were among the top performing pupils in the school. Truly the community has lost future movers and shakers of society.

But then this adds to the bigger problem that we are facing as a country, that while we work with the girl-child we must also do more work on the boy-child.

We ought to make them understand that love always conquers evil. If  children were to love one another as brothers and sisters they would avoid situations where they see themselves in bed with one another.

Where there is love there will be no rape, murder or evil intentions because love will make us all live in peace and harmony.

Tom Mhlanga