Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

How we can all relate to Suhail Suleman’s experience (“Home Affairs Spreads Misery”, (April 8). Several months ago my partner’s bag was stolen with cash, bank cards, phone, jewellery, ID and driving  licence. What caused her the most anxiety? The loss of the ID book and driver’s licence.

The thought of having to spend upwards of five or six hours in a queue at the notoriously dangerous Pinetown home affairs office near Durban, not once but twice, filled her with horror and dread.

There is no option to obtain IDs through bank branches anywhere in the country except a meagre number in Gauteng and the Western Cape, despite this facility having been rolled out years ago. Surely in this modern, digital age it must be possible to allow online application and secure delivery through all banks, and even Mark Barnes’s much-vaunted post office delivery network, if that ever gets off the ground?

We are bombarded with soundbites from politicians about the fourth industrial revolution, but frankly they have no idea what they are talking about. We haven’t even reached anywhere close to utilising modern tech to deliver basic services. How many more years must we suffer this appalling situation?

Chris Powell