Supporters wave Israeli flags at an election rally in Herzliya, Israel. Picture: CORINNA KERN/BLOOMBERG
Supporters wave Israeli flags at an election rally in Herzliya, Israel. Picture: CORINNA KERN/BLOOMBERG

I am, ironically, honoured to be lumped by Rowan Philips with US congresswoman Ilhan Omar and British leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn as part of the “same liberal antisemitic chorus as Crawford-Browne!” (Barely disguised antisemitism, April 4).

Thankfully, an increasing number of people worldwide, both Jews and gentiles, are no longer intimidated by such smears, and are prepared to speak out against the deliberate barbarities of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

That Israel is an apartheid state and in violation of international laws pertaining to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, is irrefutable. Within “Israel proper” more than 50 laws discriminate against Palestinian Israeli citizens on the basis of citizenship, land and language.

Parallel to apartheid SA’s Group Areas Act, 93% of land in Israel is reserved for Jewish occupation only, land confiscated/stolen from Palestinians. And parallel to the equally notorious Mixed Marriages Act, marriage between Jews and non-Jews is prohibited. We in SA called such humiliations “petty apartheid”.

Not only is Zionist Israel an apartheid state, it also mirrors Nazi Germany as a gangster state. This is again illustrated by President Donald Trump’s “election gift” to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by US recognition in defiance of international law of Israel’s illegal annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights.

The underlying reason: a massive oil deposit has been discovered in the Golan Heights by an American-Israeli company, Genie Oil, whose directors include former US vice-president Dick Cheney (the war criminal and profiteer who launched the 2003 war against Iraq), Lord Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, plus business associates of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

As the Economist highlighted in an article headlined “Black gold under the Golan — just one catch,” Israeli exploitation of Syrian oil is blatantly criminal.

Are these really the kind of gangsters with whom Philips and fellow-Zionists are proud to be associated?

Terry Crawford-Browne
Palestine Solidarity Campaign