Ace Magashule. Picture: THULI DLAMINI
Ace Magashule. Picture: THULI DLAMINI

It is shameful to see the ANC trying so hard to defend its secretary-general, Ace Magashule.

We know the man is no angel. It is not the first time he has been linked to corrupt activities. This includes, among many others, the Estina dairy farm saga while he was still premier of the Free State. We have not forgotten.

Magashule is abusing his powers as secretary-general of the governing party to control what the ANC communicates to the public, even if it means lying to us. Dakota Legoete must stop defending Magashule; he must communicate the right message because people are not fools.

Going into elections in 2019, with the president trying hard to fight corruption, the ANC needs to communicate a clear message that it, too, is serious about fighting corruption. The least it can say is the allegations against Magashule would be investigated, or wait for the law agencies to do their jobs. 

If the ANC feels the news is fake it should take the matter to the press ombudsman. Members of the ANC must also stop defending corrupt leaders.

The Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture has proven to us that we are led by snakes and thieves, people who don’t mind selling us for a braai pack and alcohol. Nonsense is nonsense, no matter who is doing it.

Tom Mhlanga