David O’Sullivan, I am impressed. I hope Afriforum is listening. In a race-obsessed country, O’Sullivan represents the spirit of the new SA: a white man who went to a predominantly black radio station and just thrived.

I didn’t think he would last. I thought he was crazy to leave the comfort zone of 702. His nomination for a number of Liberty Radio awards is proof that skin colour cannot overshadow talent.

The listeners of Kaya FM have warmed to O’Sullivan. They are not interested in his skin pigmentation. Only a good show with quality content matters to them. 

Colour cannot be an excuse for black and white fighting imaginary battles of hatred.  

Thank you to Kaya FM. I wish O’Sullivan all the success he deserves.

I hope SABC radio can poach him so the rest of the country can hear him. 

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane
Via e-mail