Deputy President David Mabuza. Picture: THULANI MBELE
Deputy President David Mabuza. Picture: THULANI MBELE

Our country is now, in effect, the “wild west”. The rule of law has all but broken down completely.

Criminals are running rampant, murder and gender-based violence is commonplace. Even school kids are killing each other with seeming impunity. Key institutions have been gutted and they are still infested with criminals who continue to loot.

Corruption reaches into every nook and cranny of life. Industry is crippled by red tape and self-serving labour unions. Our state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have been stripped and driven into bankruptcy; even our primary source of energy (Eskom) has been bought to its knees. The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) has been infiltrated and the nation’s savings have been distributed to shysters and cronies. We are one small step away from junk status.

We have many criminals sitting in parliament and in key government positions, albeit not yet convicted (but the evidence is overwhelming). Many more criminals are about to be elected to parliament — the governing party has no qualms about including some of the most compromised people in the country on its election list. The deputy president tells us that the electricity crisis is due to a growing economy, demonstrating staggering ignorance.

The political system has been captured by populist rhetoric, with politicians making promises they cannot ever hope to keep.  The economy is in serious trouble and tax revenues are plummeting. Journalists are openly targeted by politicians, to the extent where their lives are endangered, and nothing is done about it.

We have numerous commissions of inquiry under way, but nothing comes of the evidence presented there. We wait for their final reports.

So here we sit, watching and waiting, while our country implodes. There is only that one conclusion one can come to: we are all stark, raving mad.

James Drew
Via e-mail