The article “SA’s Business Confidence at Two-Year Low” ,(March 14) refers. My experience has been that small business owners, in particular, are too afraid to invest in their own businesses. Many small businesses have put employee recruitment on hold pending the outcome of various factors, including the devastating national minimum wage. The Treasury has warned the government that the minimum wage could lead to  about 750,000 job losses. 

Over and above this, the reluctance to create employment will add to that figure. Furthermore, the debate on land ownership has led to enormous uncertainty in the business world. This uncertainty makes small business owners exceptionally frightened.

 Daily I speak to dozens of small business owners who keep repeating the above-mentioned issues. Whether they are real or not is not the actual issue, it’s perception that counts. We know from research that job creation has to come from the small business sector and we also know that we have almost 10-million unemployed South Africans. Isn’t it time we get a government that wants to encourage employment creation and wants to at least have one job in every household?

Michael Bagraim
DA labour spokesperson