Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Picture: GCIS
Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Picture: GCIS

Does this country need a National Health Insurance (NHI)? If the answer is yes, what will it take to make it happen? Money, and lots of it.

We also need new skills to run the NHI. We need political will and determination to breathe life into the scheme.

The ANC is sending mixed messages about it. 

I support the concept of an NHI. The current health system is unsustainable and something has to change. We cannot wait until all the health challenges are addressed before we implement the NHI.

Some people running the health system in the provinces and districts are the problem and cannot help to find solutions. The Western Cape is an exception.

We cannot blame the health minister for the way provinces are run. Let the minister focus on running the dysfunctional health departments.  

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane
Via e-mail