I cannot understand the logic behind James Drew's plea for a new party under the “change the system” banner “Don’t not vote, vote for Don’t Vote”.

If you are going to the trouble of setting up and registering a political party to contest the elections, then create a manifesto of what you want to see, not what you don’t.

This creeping SA negativity (which seems to have brushed off on our cricket team) is not the way forward. And please stop this hogwash concept of strategically voting for Cyril Ramaphosa to give him a mandate — the clearest message will be to vote for any other of the no-doubt flawed parties in parliament and try to get the ANC under 50%.

By my calculation, every 50,000 votes equals a seat, and we just cannot trust the ANC to fill that seat with a clean and worthy candidate. Not while Ace Magashule is party secretary-general anyway.

The DA, as annoyingly limp as they are, will with their infrastructure be vital to any centre grouping that will surely need to emerge before the next polls in four years. The May elections will set the scene for the realignment we will see in the coming years, and hopefully hasten the death of the god-awful ANC.

Michael Hook