Western Cape premier Helen Zille. Picture: REUTERS
Western Cape premier Helen Zille. Picture: REUTERS

I have never been particularly fond of Western Cape premier Helen Zille. Feisty, arrogant and self-opinionated come to mind. However, her thoughts on a tax revolt are quite inspired.

Why all the outrage at this suggestion? Where is the outrage at the state of affairs in which we daily have our noses rubbed in the criminal antics of the ANC government and their crooked accomplices? Why has no one been charged and faced the full force of the law?

How does this government deal with this? Endless talkshops, commissions and egg dancing. I don’t believe there will be any consequences for most of the perpetrators. Jacob Zuma is a perfect example of what happens to a corrupt politician. Sweet nothing.

The only thing a politician or government employee will ever understand or react to is when the funding tap is switched off and only opened as and when we have clean government, and the law is allowed to run its course without fear or favour.

Brian van der Vijver