Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

From the time that the ANC came to power, its slogan had always been “A better life for all”.

Introduced by the iconic Madiba, the mantra stuck as the new government attempted to piece together a government of national unity. Sadly, just one term later, the ageing revolutionary handed the reigns to his deputy, and the cracks started showing.

Having done a great job in reining in more taxpayers, the kitty grew to the tune of billions, then a trillion. Enter the Jacob Zuma camp, and “our people” became nonentities as rampant corruption deprived the previously disadvantaged of core amenities, leading to the now infamous service delivery protests.

In its 25th year of governance, and on the cusp of election number six, voters having seen the wholesale devastation of every ministry, with ailing balance sheets, South Africans both black and other must carefully plant that X for what will be a ground-breaking year for voters to reclaim this beautiful land.

They must free it from the clutches of serious maladministration and cronyism, which has made a mockery of the elders’ great sacrifices during the struggle years, which gave us the much-needed release from oppression.

Our people, their daily needs in line with promises made, need to be factored into a new deal that must eliminate the evils that existed during the turbulent years of white rule. History cannot be allowed to repeat itself.

AR Modak