A Denel G-6 howitzer tank. Picture: BUSINESS DAY
A Denel G-6 howitzer tank. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

It was upsetting and beyond pathetic to read that the Black Management Forum threatened the public enterprises department and minister Pravin Gordhan with legal action unless they played ball and rescinded the appointment of a white person in the position of Denel CEO, after he had already been through a vetting process and cabinet approval and had started work on January 14.

I wonder how many decades it will take for these cretins to realise that Daniel du Toit was appointed to that position not because of his skin colour, but due to the fact that he is an untainted individual, is well qualified with degrees and has a wealth of experience locally and internationally in the defence and manufacturing sectors, in senior positions. He has had a solid career and has a sound track record.

What planet do these clowns come from? Or are they so deaf, dumb and blind that they cannot see that all our state-owned enterprises, and the country as a whole, are in the pooh due to cadre deployment, unqualified boards and CEOs whose only qualification was their skin colour or ANC connections.

JM Bouvier