The saddest — indeed, most tragic — aspect of the shocking revelations  at the state capture inquiry is the likelihood that the ANC will  not lose any ground in the upcoming elections. What, one may ask, will it take for the majority of South Africans to appreciate that the party they support is rotten to the very core?

In normal circumstances the DA, although by no means perfect, should comfortably win the election by emphasising that it is free of corruption, well able to effect efficient governance and possessed of leaders boasting above-average intelligence. The contrast to the ANC based on such criteria is so profound that most South Africans should be prepared to donate their eye teeth to see the DA lead the country along the path to heightened prosperity across the board.

Regrettably, the circumstances are not normal. The electorate is sadly blind to the deep fault lines running through the ANC; blind, too, to the impressive relative merits of the DA. Equally depressing is the discovery that I have (unwittingly) been donating to the ANC election campaigns via my hard-earned tax payments. It is the reason I am now donating directly to the DA.

John Spira