DA supporters. Picture: ALON SKUY
DA supporters. Picture: ALON SKUY

Unfortunately for SA, the ANC has a negative track record in dealing with the economy. The governing party has been especially destructive when it comes to jobs. The unemployment figures are steadily rising and we are now reflecting almost 10-million unemployed (Can ANC turn poor jobs track record, January 17).

Every election we hear promises on how many jobs are going to be created by the government. These promises are merely mouthed to entice the unemployed to vote for lying politicians. Last election the governing party promised the public  250,000 jobs a year in exchange for their votes. The reality showed us that we actually lost jobs on a quarterly basis.

It is shocking that people are being told the same story again by Cyril Ramaphosa. We can expect the state of the nation address on February 7 to repeat this. By now everyone should know that we will get more promises, but no jobs.

Yet there is much that could be done with immediate effect and at very little cost. The labour ministry can ease its regulatory authority within days, thereby changing the entire perception of the business world. Small businesses would be enticed to take on new staff without the normal obligations of permanent employment.

The spike in employment would act as a catalyst for big business to follow suit. Furthermore, special employment zones could be declared in all previously disadvantaged areas, thereby enhancing the ability of small black businesses to hire and fire at will. Emergent businesses need to be released of the stranglehold of the government.

The DA has debated job creation at length and has practical and easily implementable solutions for immediate job creation. Already the proof of this can be seen in the Western Cape, where it governs.

Michael Bagraim, MP
DA shadow labour minister