ANC supporters attend the party’s election manifesto launch. Picture: SOWETAN/SUNDAY WORLD
ANC supporters attend the party’s election manifesto launch. Picture: SOWETAN/SUNDAY WORLD

We are in election mode as the country prepares for its sixth general election, with all the major political parties preparing to engage in political chicanery unprecedented in our democratic history.

Leaders absent for the last five years will appear as genies out of the bottle to win your vote and then disappear into the corridors of parliament, where they will hibernate for the next five years.

The ANC, a party with an illustrious record and history, is now a pale shadow of its glorious past. The singing and dancing and clamour becomes more and more untenable in the public eye with the damaging disclosures unearthed by a multitude of weekly revelations, which point to the elite and the coterie as the source of all excesses. The party strategists are desperately trying to create a new look with a fresh daub of populist cosmetics.

Our politics was about passion, imagination and foresight. Today, it’s all about greed, lust for power and malignant accountancy. In our nation’s political discourse, it is impossible to avoid the smell of cash. Many in our fractured land have become disorientated with the business of politics.

Today’s crop of political leaders appears to adhere to the tactics of deceit, denial and diversion to manifest an illusion of who they are and what they represent. Our nation is in a crisis of gargantuan proportions. Bribery, corruption, rampant violent crime, obsolete health care, scarcity of jobs, housing and land, looting and embezzlement are some of the crucial problems that must be fearlessly tackled by the next elected government.

Failure or complacency will send our beloved nation into a hellhole from which there will be no escape. Cast your vote for a new democratic SA. The future of this generation and the one to follow is in your hands.

Farouk Araie