Party posters are displayed on lamposts in the Western Cape. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Party posters are displayed on lamposts in the Western Cape. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

I see the three major political parties — ANC, EFF and DA — as being in trouble (ANC approaches 60%; DA and EFF drop, IRR election poll finds, December 10).

The only party that seems to really care about getting popular support, the ANC, is gambling with populist policies. But there is much internal fighting and there is a serious danger of it being badly exposed before the election by further rating downgrades, fiscal collapse (public sector salaries not getting paid, people losing jobs), SOEs falling apart and rising nemployment and poverty.

Where to from here? The DA is now rid of its Patricia de Lille problem, so they can recover from all that. Their potential for winning voter support is good if they can get their act together, because people must surely be open to an alternative to the failed economic direction of the ruling party.

The EFF is sliding towards an unpleasant place of continuing corruption scandals and a nasty sort of complacency punctuated by thuggish behaviour towards their accusers, which will not increase its support. Its leaders will probably make (or have already made) some kind of deal with the ANC (or at least with a faction in the ANC), leaving their supporters in the lurch as in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The ANC’s prospects are poor and its support can only decline from here, as all of its rabbits have already been pulled from its hat and Ramaphoria is nothing more than a distant memory. Ultimately, the ANC will be held responsible for the mounting economic crisis, its major disadvantage vis-a-vis the other parties.

Mani None, via Businesslive