The Global Citizen festival. Picture: MASI LOSI
The Global Citizen festival. Picture: MASI LOSI

In a normal democracy, police minister Bheki Cele would resign. The acting police commissioner in Gauteng would step aside. The Gauteng MEC for safety and security would leave office.

But we are not a normal democracy. No-one is held accountable. The aftermath of  the Global Citizen festival is a failure of leadership in the security agencies. Who does not know the toxic combination of mega events and the festive season are fertile ground for criminals?

The Global Citizen concert was the last chance for most criminals to score big. They meticulously planned how to rob the festival goers. Didn’t the police know this? Why didn’t they change their plans when they saw festival goers moving to the Sasol garage? Didn’t they anticipate trouble and ask for back-up?

If this was not reported on social media, the police would have denied it happened, as their spokesperson did.

This is the norm after big events: the police are nowhere to be found. I stopped attending Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs derbies because of this. It is a nightmare to leave the stadium.  

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane, via e-mail