As an animal and human rights activist I have a vested interest in seeing justice served by the government to reinstate with immediate effect the support of Lotto funding to animal welfare organisations, a vulnerable yet very important sector within the economy and for the stimulation of job creation. 

 The national lottery is deemed public money. It may be run by the government, but the raking in of billions of rand is by no means the jurisdiction of the government to decide where that money is spent. 

This money is not tax money, it’s leisure money, and the public have a right to have a say in how  it is spent. 

 The sector provides jobs with living  wages for the masses who have been discriminated against in the past, allowing them to empower themselves and provide for their families. Now they face losing the jobs they love and are equipped to do.

I am determined to obtain international backing to force the government's hand in focusing on providing for this sector instead of pouring more and more bail-outs into  SAA and Eskom.


Estelle Wadsworth, via email