Lord Martin Rees is a very clever man. As the Astronomer Royal, he needs to be. His new book, On the future — Prospects for Humanity, list the perils that await mankind for the rest of this century.

In a recent CNN interview he added that one of these perils is that “Africa is being left behind” in world development and this suggests mass migrations much larger than we are seeing now. Your opinion piece, African countries need to be bolder and move faster to engineer growth (December 4), states the obvious.

I have forgotten how many times I’ve read similar articles. There are a few African countries with reasonable growth rates, but you’d only need the fingers on one hand to count them. The rest stagger from one crisis to another, waiting for the next aid instalment to keep them alive. Your paper regularly lists ethnic politics, rampant corruption and lack of infrastructure as the reasons why.

With the end of the Zuma era, which meant a decade of stagnation, let’s hope that SA at least has learned the lesson.  

Bernard Benson, Parklands