Magda Wierzycka. Picture: SUPPLIED
Magda Wierzycka. Picture: SUPPLIED

In her column, “Regulators miss forex ‘spread’ charges” (November 21), Magda Wierzycka highlighted the iniquitous 5% charged by banks to exchange foreign currency for the public.

As she is setting up a new operation in London, perhaps she might consider offering a foreign-exchange service, using London’s prestigious banking reputation while there is still some of it left.

Charging anything significantly less than the current rip-off fee of 5% should be attractive enough to clients and certainly give Wierzycka a better return then the 0.4% fees she charges on her managed Sygnia funds.

How difficult could it be? She wouldn’t need to employ highly paid executives to run the outfit since, once set up, the whole thing could probably run on a new MacBook Pro.

Robin Ducret