EFF and Agang SA parliamentarians fight during Cyril Ramaphosa's Q&A. Picture: YOUTUBE
EFF and Agang SA parliamentarians fight during Cyril Ramaphosa's Q&A. Picture: YOUTUBE

The EFF leaders have become a law unto themselves. They are the jury and the judge. Their word is fact. They create their own rules and expect us to be quiet and accept their word.

They can call people names and bombard anyone who disagrees with them with unsubstantiated allegations. Remember the horrible things they said about the former auditor-general, the affable Terence Nombembe? Those allegations were lies. Nombembe, gentleman that he is, didn’t shout or throw insults. He kept doing his job.

Public servants of Indian descent in the treasury were called racists by the EFF with no substantiation, and nothing was done. Naledi Pandor and Helen Zille have also been on the receiving end of EFF insults.

Now, when Prince Mashele speaks truth to power the EFF leaders cry foul and run to the courts for comfort and tissues to dry their tears. They are willing to throw punches but can’t take it on the chin.

Tuesday’s ugly scenes in parliament represented the EFF at its best. The people of SA should note that this is what the country will look like if the EFF takes power. If you dare open your mouth against them, you will be roughed up on your way to prison. Newspaper editors will spend their days in courts rather than at their keyboards. Freedom of speech will be a luxury. What former president Jacob Zuma did will look like a picnic if the EFF is allowed to take over. The VBS Mutual Bank scandal will be your daily bread.

We created this monster by laughing instead of calling them to order. When they went for Zuma, we enjoyed the spectacle. But now they are coming for us. We dare not hand over the country to them. We must not allow Trumpism to triumph in this beautiful land.

As Ben Okri warns in Time For New Dreams, we are easy to manipulate because we absorb without thinking. We do not question enough. We do not apply sufficient rigour to the information we receive and the conclusions that can be drawn from it. We collude in the great follies and injustices of our age by censoring our minds.

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane

Via e-mail