Picture: 123RF/RAWPIXEL
Picture: 123RF/RAWPIXEL

The cost and impact of the Gauteng commute have real and significant consequences far beyond the payment of e-tolls. The article, Cosatu to take its fight against e-tolls to Ramaphosa’s door (October 31), highlights this.

At a superficial level, the question is who should pay for the use of major roads.  However, we should be asking why so many of us commute when there are other options. One alternative is working from a location close to home, within walking distance.

SA is in a recession and a global recession is predicted to start soon. We should recognise that the digital revolution can upskill and differently skill many of the unemployed. A project like this will support "internet commutes" for many workers. 

The issue should not be who should pay for road use, but rather how money could be saved by using options other than a commute to a workplace. 

Shelley Childs
Moreleta Park