In the notice of its impending annual general meeting, Sasol publicises its “diversity’’. Only in the manner that suits nowadays? The board of directors, with or without an ethics background, should realise that Sasol is an SA citizen operating under a constitution that tries to stop discrimination.

If these directors are competent enough to steer Sasol, they should be able to readily grasp that to treat people in the same relationship differently according to pigmentation is racism. This time it involves deliberate pre-1994 race classification.

If the intended discriminatory scheme is to give employees an ownership interest, then shareholders should voice their concern by voting against the seven candidates who are up for election as directors and audit committee members. Care should be taken that proxies are instructed accordingly.

Leave it to the existing directors to find their own way of pulling nonelected people in, if so minded. But hopefully the directors will grasp that the voting against all seven candidates spells out that shareholders think racism is wrong and expect Sasol to live that philosophy. 

H Fleming
Victory Park