I totally accept the premise in the article, Music a vital tool for sound knowledge (October 24).  Music is much more than just entertainment.

I take issue with the article: Hugh Masekela, Dorothy Masuka, Brenda Fassie, TKZ, ProKid, Miriam Makeba, Johnny Clegg and many others also created music worth critical analysis in classrooms and academic platforms. All South Africans and all learners are intellectually poorer in not recognising the potency of music in contributing to enlightenment. 

And why should lecturers and students know who Kendrick Lamar is? SA is rich with music practitioners whose works can contribute to a discussion on colonialism. The writer is guilty of elite posturing and almost guilty of the “foreign is good syndrome”.

There is also nothing dated about the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Herbert Dhlomo, Sibusiso Nyembezi, AC Jordan, Phyllis Ntantala, William Shakespeare or Thomas Mofolo. The works of these great authors are universal in theme and address issues of relevance to our current conditions.

SA universities can do better than teachers who lack knowledge about the subjects they teach.

Mfundi Vundla