The woes blighting SA are for the greater part a consequence of state capture. The wholesale greedy plunder and the destruction of the criminal justice system and other institutions has led to fiscal paralysis; currency and business confidence collapse; fuel, electricity and VAT increases; dysfunctional municipalities and provinces; economic contraction, job losses and deeper poverty.

Business and private social morality is at rock bottom as it has been role-modelled by a venal political leadership. While the extent of state capture is exposed daily and the Zondo commission of inquiry plods along in stately fashion, the public is rightly getting irritated and frustrated at the absence of any high-level arrests.

Instead, we hear of financial settlements being made for crooks to resign, extended disciplinary hearings and never-ending suspensions on full pay.

With the exception of the no-nonsense judge Robert Nugent, lightweight presiding officers are led by the nose by miscreants and their lawyers and are so petrified of procedures that substance takes a back seat, as evidenced by the incomprehensible postponement of the Tom Moyane misconduct hearing on the weak grounds that the accused employee has contrived a Constitutional Court challenge.

These crimes were committed through deceit and a reckless indifference for consequences by people paid and trusted to further the interests of those who elected them. They are consistent with the elements of treason, which is “violating, threatening or endangering the existence, independence or security of the Republic”.

The ANC wanted a “Lula moment” and it deserves no less — its corrupt office bearers in prison and its party crushed at the polls.

Sydney Kaye
Cape Town