Parliament. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Parliament. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES


I am disturbed by the lack of distinction in much public comment between former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene and other delinquent ministers who have either been pushed out of cabinet or are still polluting it.

Nene has done very important, good work for his country and doesn’t appear to have contributed to the destruction of any institutions. He comes across as having the right intentions and attitudes in his official duties — doing his best to serve his country. He has the soul of a genuine public servant.

He may or may not have sought family advantage in his previous roles. He avoided telling lies under oath at considerable cost to himself.

This contrasts with the Zuma-ites in the cabinet, many driven by ego and who regard themselves as public masters. They don’t hesitate to lie, even under oath, are concerned mainly with their own progress (and, no doubt, back pockets), have contributed to the destruction of state-owned enterprises and institutions, and take responsibility for nothing.

Unfortunately, Nene had to go and too many of these public masters are still there. Ironic!

Roger Briggs