Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Unfortunately, Adam Craker (“Business can do more for empowerment”, October 9) does not put forward any substantial and compelling reasons for his suggestion that business can or should do more for empowerment.

The state entities are wholly and fully empowered, but almost all lie in tatters, having been ransacked by miscreants and the inept. How on earth can anyone seriously expect an investor to take on partners who will contribute little or nothing?

Transformation is a constraint for all entrepreneurship and venture-capital spending. Without transformation as a goal for the government, there would be more investing and consequently more jobs for the unemployed.

Even the Chinese, who are major lenders to the government, will not share their investments. “Despite all odds, business can continue to make a positive impact and take significant steps towards realizing  the vision of a more prosperous and economically free society” is clearly an academic approach by Craker, to a more serious and authentic problem, which requires a substantive solution.

Surely the government can see that merely throwing money at transformation in the hope that it may produce the desired result is like blowing in the wind?

Nathan Cheiman