Picture: 123RF / BILHAGOLAN
Picture: 123RF / BILHAGOLAN

James Drew says enterprise creates jobs (Jobs focus must be on enterprise, October 4). Yet all around the world enterprises look to enhance profits and returns by reducing the labour complement and getting the remaining workforce to do more.

By his logic, workers exist to make rich people rich. Wasn’t this the basis of slavery and colonialism? He then says “labour is there to listen”. Really? Is that what people say in countries such as Sweden, Canada and France?

He then says if workers don’t arrive at work on time or cannot do the job, we need to get rid of them. Surely we need to look at the fact that workers have to travel long distances from apartheid policy townships, jam-packed like sardines in unsafe taxis (a result of apartheid public transport planning). Surely we have to look at solutions to bring workers closer to their workplaces and improve their education and skills development opportunities.

SA will not grow or develop if a small number of people are wealthy and the majority cannot feed or house themselves.

Ballin Sivalingum
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