Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Like the arrogant bully-boy US under President Donald Trump, Israel believes it can violate international law with impunity. Without compunction, the Israeli government commits genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes against Palestinians, and mistakenly thinks it can get away with such thuggery.

The US and Israel repeat the canard that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. What about Israeli nuclear weapons? International relations and co-operation minister Lindiwe Sisulu and President Cyril Ramaphosa must be commended for the announcement at the UN that SA will shortly ratify the treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

With disastrous consequences for SA’s reputation, their predecessors were corrupted by  notions of “self-interest”. South Africans can hopefully now look forward to the prospect of rediscovering human rights as the foundation of our foreign policy, including international leadership at the UN and elsewhere towards isolating apartheid Israel as a menace to world peace.

Terry Crawford-Browne
World Beyond War, SA