Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

The headline and bald statement of the article, Financial sector still locks out black asset managers (September 13), and that it is "structured to prevent meaningful participation" are contradicted in evidence provided in the story.

The article leans on Fatima Vawda, founder of 27four Investment Managers, who apparently stated that apart from the Public Investment Corporation, no-one is "supporting black asset managers". Ironically, the article goes on to quote three statements by Vawda that patently attribute the client selection to astute preference, certainly not lock-out.

These, states Vawda, are "under-representation of black firms, development of black professional skills and black firms not pulling their weight behind developmental funds".

These do not support the existence of a policy to lock out black asset managers. The evidence quoted by 27four raises the question: exactly who is locking them out? It looks more like a self-made problem, and racial harmony is not aided by this deliberate misinterpretation of facts reported.

Gavin Barnett
Somerset West