Illustration: DOROTHY KGOSI
Illustration: DOROTHY KGOSI

I propose that government bonds be issued to those farmers whose land is expropriated.

The bonds should equal the value of the farm, infrastructure, improvements as well as loose equipment, and carry a term and interest rate that is market related. Farmers will then be fully compensated for all their farming assets and receive interest payments on the bonds, which could be traded on the market like any other government bond.

This method will allow farmers to be compensated for their farms but, more importantly, for improvements made to those farms. These include infrastructure, dams, buildings and so on that one would assume would not have been expropriated without compensation. Furthermore, the necessary implements, tractors, pumps and other items required to run a farm successfully can be acquired.

The ideal outcome would be if the incumbent farmer could remain on the farm for a year or so to transfer skills and specific knowledge of the farm to the new farmers. This would allow the least disruption to the farm and create a win-win situation. This approach may result in a positive outcome to what is a very emotional issue on both sides of the spectrum, and may even help unite our divided nation.

Neno Haasbroek