Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Watching and listening to the parliamentary enquiry into the shenanigans at Steinhoff, one cannot escape the thought that the "Stellenbosch business brigade" has lost almost all credibility when it comes to ethical behaviour and honesty in running an organisation.

In my opinion (which is my right), the leaders of a number of Afrikaner companies are a laughing stock and have added immeasurably to the negative feelings black business leaders have toward "white monopoly capital".

The leaders of state-owned enterprises, many themselves apparently guilty of gross corruption and fraud, must be rolling about and shaking with laughter at these arrogant know-it-all whiteys. Just as Julius Malema is probably doing.

It is such a ridiculous situation, and a shame for honest brokers of all cultural groups. I am thinking like the wonderful straight-talking business woman Magda Wierzycka of Sygnia — put all of those perpetrators in jail if they are found guilty. Bring on the rule of law. Karma should prevail.

Gavin Gordon