Tom Eaton was on point when he said populism "is a great strategy if you can’t do anything else" (EFF outlies the ANC by a farm’s length, August 7). He is also accurate in saying the ANC is "fundamentally a low-skill organisation offering sheltered employment".

Most, if not all, political parties rely on populism to generate votes. Some tout the "swart gevaar" platitude and others, such as the EFF and ANC, prefer to advance apartheid and Jan van Riebeeck as the reason for our country’s maladies.

This is analogous with the entire continent of Africa. That nothing is ever the fault of the ANC (or EFF) is believed by the populace because most voters in SA are poor and have little or no education. Their voters don’t care how much the leaders steal or what luxury cars or watches they own, because they believe they will also soon have these accoutrements.

The populists also do not foresee the harm they will cause by changing the constitution to "steal" land. If they do see it, it is extraneous to the end result they wish for.

There is little doubt that as a result of all these false promises, we are racing towards a crisis that will emulate that of our neighbour, Zimbabwe. Perhaps worse.

Nathan Cheiman