Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Two writers on July 10 illustrate the fuzzy logic surrounding the land expropriation debate. Aubrey Matshiqi (Colonisers have conquered more than just land) is concerned that King Goodwill Zwelithini, despite the vast tract of land he controls, is nothing more than a tourist attraction.

Personally, I wish he was and that he charged for admission in order to offset the huge burden he is to the taxpayer. The last time I looked, SA was a republic. Matshiqi seems to think that a reversion to feudal serfdom will be acceptable to the Zulus. I know some who would disagree. He also seems not to appreciate that all land was at some time fought over, including the so-called Zulu kingdom.

John Dludlu (Let’s hold a referendum to settle the land issue) is obviously joking. What gardener or domestic worker wouldn’t vote in favour if they thought they could get the boss’s house for free? The EFF says the debate is about rural farm land while encouraging urban land invasions. If SA doesn’t get its act together on this land issue, it will blow up in everyone’s face.

Bernard Benson

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