Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Aubrey Matshiqi seems to be making the point that "liberal democracy" is white, and feudal exploitation is black, and that he prefers the latter.

This is the problem when everything is seen through the collective eye of race groups and not the eye of individual rights; it ignores the different interests which reside within each group. So when he bemoans what he calls black culture (meaning in this case unelected local strong men who have total control over their serfs) being displaced by a constitutional democracy, he disregards the individual rights of the imprisoned serfs.

Perhaps his article is meant to be provocative or even satirical, but if he is seriously supporting the traditional system, he binds himself with those who are clearly self-serving, with either a destructive political agenda or an interest in the spoils of an exploitation that cannot rationally be supported.

Sydney Kaye
Cape Town