Picture: REUTERS
Picture: REUTERS

Thank you, Gunvant Govindjee, for highlighting the human rights abuses associated with Israeli arms exports, which in 2017 amounted to $9.2bn (Toll of Israeli arms trade, June 12). Israel shamelessly markets its weapons as battle-tested and proven on Palestinians, and even as "turning Palestinian blood into money".

Israeli human rights activists have exposed the trade with Myanmar and other dictatorships, a pertinent comment from historian Yair Auron being: "Israel’s supply of weapons to regimes such as Myanmar should be compared to sending arms to Nazi Germany during the Holocaust." While screaming about the Iranian nuclear weapons agreement, the Israeli government never mentions its own stockpile — let alone that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons ambitions as long ago as 2003. Now comes the news that Israel is selling nuclear weapons technology to the Saudis.

Perhaps Allan Wolman and others of the hasbara lobby will concede that the Israeli arms industry is a threat to world peace.

Terry Crawford-Browne
Palestine Solidarity Campaign